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Air samplers on the roof of the ETSII building (Madrid, Spain) (photo: Beatriz Sánchez-Parra)

Research biologist interested in biodiversity of the atmosphere, environment, climate change, health and much more!


September 2023 

New member in the group

Bhavana Valath Bhuan Das has recently joined the group as a PhD student. 

With her, new goals, results and ideas will be realised in the field of Bioaerosols 😊


Laboratory of Biodiversity of the Atmosphere at Institute of Biology (photo by Bhavana Valath Bhuan Das).

23-25 August: Scientific retreat at Grimma

For two and a half days, many scientists from the University of Leipzig, we have met in Grimma for Breathing Nature to exchange ideas and develop new ones. Climate change, Biodiversity and Society are the main themes. Let's continue to build a better world with the help of science!

Breathing Nature Retreat (photo by Beatriz Sánchez-Parra).

22-23 April: Workshop on Bioaerosols and Ice Nucleation

The last weekend, I participated in the Workshop about bioaerosols and Ice Nucleation in Vienna.

I contributed with a talk where I highlighted the importance of developing new tools for the study of bioaerosols,  and it was the start of an interesting discussion on what methodology can be generally used in each study.

I am happy to have been able to meet new colleagues, all of whom are outstanding in this field :-) 

Workshop on Bioaerosols and Ice Nucleation, TU Wien. (photos by Susan Hartmann and Jürgen Gratzl)

23 Marz: Leipzig Meteorological Colloquium

On 23th March, I participated in the Leipzig Meteorological Colloquium at the TROPOS institute (Leipzig). I gave a talk explaining the details about the research field of Biodiversity of the Atmosphere, some recent studies, methodologies and what are the next goals of the field. 

It was a great moment where I could meet new colleagues also enthusiastic about the field of the atmosphere.

I would like to thank once again Professors Johanness Quaas and Mira Pöhlker for the invitation and of course the TROPOS institute for their great welcome.

23 March 2023. Leipzig Meteorological Colloquium at TROPOS institute (photo by Tilo Arnhold)..

November 2022

I recently started as 

Junior Professorship at the University of Leipzig!!

I will soon inaugurate the 

Research Group of 

Biodiversity of the Atmosphere

Stay tuned for upcoming vacancies!! 

Main building of the University of Leipzig "Paulinum" (Germany) (photo by Beatriz Sánchez-Parra)

Some of my research contributions to health and the environment and also to making science understandable to the general public can be seen in the following videos:

Explanation of the Patent that describes a new protocol to detect Legionella pneumophila in the air (in Spanish).

Talk where Beatriz Sánchez Parra explains to the general public in the Barcelona Science Week (2020) how the scientists study the biological particles from the air. Event organised by: LaBiotheque (in Spanish).

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