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Air samplers on the roof of the ETSII building (Madrid, Spain) (photo: Beatriz Sánchez-Parra)

Research biologist interested in biodiversity of the atmosphere, environment, climate change, health and much more!

NEWS! 23 Marz: Leipzig Meteorological Colloquium

If you want to know more about the Biodiversity of the Atmosphere research field and its future, join me for the talk at the Leipzig Meteorological Colloquium at the TROPOS institute (Leipzig).

8 Marz: International Day of Women

Today, women all over the world are claiming that we are equal and need the same opportunities as men.

There has been progress in the scientific world, but there is still a long way to go. That is why, today, as a vindication, the website will be dressed in purple. To remind everyone that women want equality.

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

As you will know, the 11 February is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. It’s a day to show the young girls that there are women working as scientists. And because it’s a reality, if they’re interested, they can also join the scientific world!

But there is still a lot of lack of information and because of that, several activities are taking place over the world to spread the word. 

In my case, I was interviewed by the radio of the Spanish school "Daniel Vázquez Díaz" of Madrid and I could explained my research and my experience as a women scientist. 

I would like to thank the school and also Elena for thinking of me to contribute to the episode called "Científicas".

Here, you can find the link to the INTERVIEW, I hope you enjoy it! 

(My section starts at min. 7 😉. It’s only in Spanish, but I am sure you will understand a lot or even everything).

Radio channel of the "Daniel Vázquez Díaz" school of Madrid (March 2023).

November 2022

I recently started as 

Junior Professorship at the University of Leipzig!!

I will soon inaugurate the 

Research Group of 

Biodiversity of the Atmosphere

Stay tuned for upcoming vacancies!! 

Main building of the University of Leipzig "Paulinum" (Germany) (photo: Beatriz Sánchez-Parra)

Retreat in iDiv 

(German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research  Halle-Jena-Leipzig)

Last week, I was invited to participate in the retreat organized by the scientists involved in the JENA experiment!

Don't you know already what is this experiment about? Check their webpage http://the-jena-experiment.de/ and be amazed by all the studies they are developing and generating on biodiversity!!

I also leave you here a video (extracted from thei website) that explains better the objective of the JENA Experiment: 

28-30 November 2022, JENA experiment in iDiv (photo: Beatriz Sánchez-Parra)

Latest publication

We investigated the composition of airborne biological particles (bioaerosols), their ice nucleation activity and effect on precipitation in a rural dryland on the eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus. 

Among the results, we have obtained that changes in the composition of bioaerosols appear when precipitation occurs. For example, the proportion of fungi in the air increases, while that of bacteria decreases. In addition, the population of particles that can act as ice nuclei is also influenced by dust events. (To know more, check the publication ).

Some of my research contributions to health and the environment and also to making science understandable to the general public can be seen in the following videos:

Explanation of the Patent that describes a new protocol to detect Legionella pneumophila in the air (in Spanish).

Talk where Beatriz Sánchez Parra explains to the general public in the Barcelona Science Week (2020) how the scientists study the biological particles from the air. Event organised by: LaBiotheque (in Spanish).

To know more about our research,

have a look to the website and the social media!